Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Ella's 17 Month Update

Another late update...sorry y'all. Things are getting more chaotic and I'm beginning to think this is how the rest of my life is going to be. We've all been through colds and this past weekend I was diagnosed with a kidney infection and also found out that I still have a kidney stone lingering in my left kidney. It's about 5mm and I'm not looking forward to passing it, so I'm going to get lithotripsy done and just get it taken care of before it starts moving even though it's been there since the last time I had a bout with kidney stones. So, the last few days I've been dealing with naseau, pain, lethargy...you know all the fun stuff that you can't really deal with when you have a toddler running around! Anyway, I'm feeling a little better today and I've actually been able to get some things done...this blog being one of them!

On to Ella...she has turned into an independent, stubborn wanna-be 15 year old. The girl knows what she wants and when she doesn't get it she has a full meltdown! Thankfully she gets over it pretty fast. When Ella IS getting her way or occupying herself with things she's allowed to play with she is a total delight and is amazing at figuring things out and making us laugh. She is still in love with the outdoors. She loves raisins. She loves Sesame Street and The Backyardigans. She loves her great-grandma. She loves her Nana and Papa. And she still loves her duckie!
Speaking of duckie...Halloween was a blast! Ella was a duck and she waddled around the neighborhood knocking on doors and saying 'thank you' after she got candy. About halfway through she got clingy and wanted me (and only me) to carry her. I couldn't take that for too long, so we were out for a little over an hour. But, Ella filled her candy bag and mom and dad and our neighbors enjoyed the candy for the next few days!

Besides Halloween, our past month has been uneventful since we've been dealing with illnesses and Stephen has been traveling a lot between here and Daytona visiting his mother and also traveling to interviews. So, Ella hasn't had a lot of adventures lately. But, we're all looking forward to the holidays and can't wait for the new memories that will be made. This time next month I'll have sent out our Christmas cards and decorated the house...hopefully you'll feel our Christmas cheer through my next blog.

Again, sorry for the unusual update, but things are unusual around here. Hope all is well with those of you who read these and I hope you are getting into the spirit of things, too!

Ella's 16 Month Update

Sorry this is a few days late. This week has gotten away from me and I'm finally getting able to sit down and blog about Ella. She is keeping us going and most of the time that's a good thing because it keeps us entertained with all her shenanigans and her story-telling. She still loves to dance to any music she hears. It doesn't matter if it's on the radio, if it's a commercial, or the stinkin' weather channel, if it's music, she'll stop what she's doing and dance!

Some fun things that Ella has done this past month...we took her to Chucky Cheese with her friend Chloe and she had a blast. Unfortunately this CC was a bit ghetto and a lot of stuff there wasn't working, but Ella and Chloe were too young to realize that and still had the time of their lives. Mommy also had fun as I played every game that worked and won tons of tickets to win Ella some nice bling and stickers and a Winnie the Pooh magnet! And of course, Ella's favorite part was the music and concert that CC and his friends put on (every 15 minutes)! She also had her first pizza and loved it!

Ella went swimming for the last time this year a couple weeks ago. The water has already cooled down a lot with the temperature change. We were all freezing, but Ella didn't care. She was still having a blast and jumping in, but once she started turning blue, we figured we should go home. Our pool is officially closing on the 15th for the winter and I hope that Ella doesn't forget her love of the water!

Ella also accompanied us to a med. school get-together at a doctor's farm in Cairo, GA. She got to see 8 horses and we even got a carriage ride, too. There were tons of chickens and three dogs, so Ella was very happy to see all the animals. There was also a big lake and I was just waiting for her to jump in, but we were able to keep her out of it thankfully.

The biggest change this past month has been the weather and we're all enjoying it. We're actually missing Boston a little bit...but then we snap back into reality. Ella loves being outside and gets hurt pretty much every thime we're are outside, but after she's recovered she wants right back out. She loves picking flowers and playing in mulch. By the end of our time outside she looks like a 'mulch monster' because it's stuck all over her! She could be a new character on Sesame Street! She also loves to run. Unfortunately, she hasn't really grasped how to stop when she wants so she's either running into one of us or randomly falling down to stop herself.
As any mother knows, this point in time kids are learning so much. More than we really know. And I couldn't even begin to tell you all the things that Ella understands. She obviously understands more than she can say which is normal, but it's just amazing to me all the things I can ask her to do and she does it or the things that we can talk about and she understands me. But, she is learning more words weekly and it's fun to add a new noun or verb to our conversations. Her favorite word right now is 'toe' and I think it's because she hurt her toe a few weeks ago and we had to go to the doctor to get it cleaned up. Hopefully she doesn't have to learn all her words due to traumas. :) Ella can also show you where all the parts of her body are and we're trying to get her to do it to the song 'Head, shoulders, knees, and toes". And we've finally gotten Ella to say 'down' when she wants to get down from her high chair or if she wants us to put her down from carrying her.

Her favorite food is still green beans and I've been making them fresh lately and she loves 'em! She also likes bananas...A LOT! She wasn't really into them when she was getting them out of a jar, but she loves them now. She actually went into the kitchen this morning (after she'd already eaten breakfast) and told me she wanted a banana.

We've been busy getting ready for Halloween and Ella is enjoying all the decorations. In the process of us putting up decorations outside we met some new neighbors who moved in a couple months ago and Ella made a new friend named Elizabeth. She's 2 and is riding a tricycle now and Ella just loves watching her do all the things a 'big girl' can do. They also love to chase each other and laugh at absolutely nothing! I think we're going trick-or-treating together, too!

Well, next month I'll put up Halloween pics and tell you about all the new things Ella has grasped this month. Hope all is well and have a safe and happy Halloween!