Friday, August 24, 2007

Long Time No Blog

Hey Y'all! Sorry it's been so long since I last blogged. Things this month have been pretty nonstop. We've had visitors for the past few weeks starting on August 2nd. So, Ella has had a blast with her family and friends starting with her great-grandma and her Aunt Angela. They flew up here and stayed for 5 days and we all enjoyed seeing each other. Aunt Angela had a gift for Ella for every day she was here and Ella still talks about all the stuff that Anglea brought her. G'ma brought Ella a Curious George Goes to the Hospital book and a Wee Sing book. Ella is really enoying learning all these new songs. Her favortie right now is "Deep and Wide". She is awesome at doing the motions!

G'ma and Angela flew back to FL on the 7th and Josh and Trish arrived that evening. We were all excited to see them. We've definitely missed our Kantor time! Unfortunately they were only able to stay a few days and the time flew by!! But, we were able to get some babysitting for the last evening they were here and the four of us had an adult dinner just like the old days.
Then, for Stephen's birthday on the 17th, his dad flew up from Daytona and Ella was super-excited to see him, too. They sang songs together and Ella picked up a few more sayings from Papa like "Let's get in the bus!" when we're getting ready to leave. Dad was also busy painting our whole basement! The basement was formerly red and yellow and every time I went down there I craved McDonald's! :) We now have it painted a taupe color and have grey-blue accent walls. It looks very beachy.

So, we are now back to our little family and Stephen is starting a new rotation..unfortunately his next two rotations require him being on-call every 4 nights. I'm not looking forward to the next two months. The first month we were here was like that and it was very hard on call three of us. Maybe we'll be better at managing this time around - I hope so anyway.

For more of an Ella update as I said before, she is REALLY into singing lately. Her favorite songs are "Hey There Delilah" by The Plain White T's, "Irreplaceable" by Beyonce, and "Gold Digger" by Kanye West (the clean version of course). But, like I said, she's also learning new bible songs and I'm enjoying them, too. I haven't heard these or sung these since I was in Sunday School so it's cool to teach them to my daughter. We're still looking for a church in AA. Unfortunately, the task is really up to me since Stephen is rarely able to go to church. Ella has enjoyed all the nurseries/sunday schools that she's attended, so I don't have to worry about that at all.
We're still working on the potty training. She knows what to do, but I think she's having a hard time stopping what she's doing in enough time to tell me she has to go. So, when she tells me she wants to go on the potty, she's already done it in her diaper. I guess it's a start, but after having actually gone a few times in the potty and gotten her reward (M&Ms) I just thought it would be easier for her to know what to do and/or remember when to do it. But, again, I'm not pushing her.

As for other news: We have decided to rent our house in Southwood due to the fact that the market just sucks right now no matter where you're trying to sell. Thankfully we found renters almost instantly and they seem like responsible and professional people. Anyway, hopefully this time next year we'll be in a better position to sell, maybe even to the renters.

Well, until next time, I hope every one is well and hopefully it won't be as long between blogs next time.