Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Ella's 20 Month Update

The past month has again flown by and brought along a lot growth for Ella. She's a little taller and has officially reached the 24lb mark. She has also had a lot of growth in her vocabulary. It's hard for me to tell you every thing that she's saying now, but I will say that she has clearly said her first two sentences which were: "What did you do?" and "Where did daddy go?". She has finally started saying 'yes' appropriately, so now I don't have to guess when her no means no and when her no means yes. It cool to be able to understand her more and more every day. Before I know it, we'll be having mini-coversations!

Potty training is still going slow, probably because of me, but she has yet to actually go in the potty. She just sits on it and laughs. She likes to sit ducky on it, too! If only I could get ducky to use the bathroom to show her what to do. For some reason she doesn't get what I'm doing when I'm using the bathroom, but that may be TMI for most of you. Anyway, I'm not pushing anything either, so it'll be a slow process.

This past week I left Ella for the first time. Needless to say, I was a mess! Ella was great and had a blast with her three cousins, especially Rebekah who is 4. They played outside for hours at a time and they also went to Disney this past Wed. Ella finally got to meet the characters since it wasn't very crowded and she hugged and kissed every one of them. Hopefully I'll be getting some copies of the pictures soon and I'll post them ASAP. Anyway, Stephen and I went to Philly to check out the city since that's Stephen's #1 choice for residency. So, Angela (Stephen's sister) watched Ella for three days. I knew she would be fine, but it was hard for me and I missed her terribly. It might have been a little easier if I was in a warm location sun bathing or swimming my worries away, but instead I was freezing my butt off and wanting to be with her!
Ella has also started going to KidCare for about and hour or so in the morning at our YMCA while I work out. She had a rough time letting me leave her the first time, but I soon found out that she was enjoying herself and loved the adults watching her. I'm looking forward to that being a daily routine if not at least 3 days a week.

And unfortunately Ella came down with a bad cold yesterday and is running a fever. I don't know exactly how bad it is because we're in Daytona for the weekend and I don't have her thermometer with me, but we're just giving her Tylenol Sinus and Cold for Infants and suctioning her nose all the time...fun, fun! I hope she gets over this quickly! As for the rest of the month, we'll be laying low and trying to enjoy our final months in Florida.

January 16, 2007 - a day that will live in enfamy...just kidding!

So, today is my 26th birthday. Not a big deal really...26 doesn't really get you anywhere. You're not old yet and you don't get any new responsiblities or priviledges. But, it is more fun because of Ella...this time last year we were in Boston. Ella was 7 months old and it was cold and dreary. The day pretty much sucked. As for today, it's cool and dreary again, but Ella is lighting up my day already.

As I look back on the update that I wrote a week ago, it's amazing the stuff that I forgot to put in and stuff that she's picked up since then! The big thing (that is also a scary thing) is that Ella can open doors now!! Uh-oh, is right!!! I have not been looking forward to the day that we had to put on those stupid door knobs that no one can work...they're not just kid-proof, I think they're human-proof! So, that was her big "accomplishment" in the past week. But, as I read my good friend's blog, I forgot to mention a lot about what Ella has started saying and doing. I was so wrapped up in her ability to turn her dependence on and off...

...One thing that we are so happy about is that Ella has started to say 'love you'. It just melts our hearts and then getting a big kiss makes it even better. Ella can also say her ABC's up to 'G'. She can't really get 'H' yet and then she can say I-L. She got a Blue's Clues doll that sings Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and sings the alphabet and it's so cute to hear her try and sing with it. She hasn't really mastered her numbers yet though. She can 1-3, but that's about it. When I try and count things with her she could really care less.

Anyway, I'm amazed more and more at how big she's getting and how fast she picks up things. She's constantly repeating everything we say which has kept us in check! :)
And I'm sure you've noticed that I haven't posted a picture yet, well I'll try and get on that ASAP. I've yet to download pics from the past few weeks because I haven't been on my home computer in a while. But, hopefully I'll get to that this week!

Ella's 19 Month Update

What whirlwind this past month has been! It's been very chaotic and we've barely been home at all. Christmas has come and gone and it was bittersweet this year as we spent our last Christmas with Stephen's mom. Sadly, she lost her battle with breast cancer on January 1st. We've all been going through and array of emotions as we are glad that mom isn't suffering anymore and is home with her Lord, but of course we're also sad because of the obvious reasons. Stephen has lost his mom, Ella has lost her Nana, and I've lost my second mom...again, to cancer. We returned home from WV where mom was buried and Stephen has since then been busy with interviews. It seems like life will never be 'normal'.

Thankfully through all of this Ella faired pretty well. She traveled pretty good and slept better than she usually does when we're not at home. She enjoyed her Christmas' with Nana and Papa and with her Great-Grandma in Gainesville. She got some really great gifts from cute outfits to books to a Dora the Explorer Power Wheels Jeep!!! She really enjoys riding around and surprisingly caught on very quickly when it came to pushing the pedal to go.

So, with 2007 already upon us Ella is continuing her race to independence. It is so amazing at how INDEPENDENT she is when I don't want her to be and how DEPENDENT she is when I don't want her to be. She loves to feed herself and unfortunately I probably don't let her do it as much as I should because I never feel like cleaning up messes! :) She also loves to UNDRESS herself. She's getting a little better at brushing her teeth but more often than not I have to intervene and she HATES that! She's still a great eater and will not eat Gerber Graduates anymore. I don't know if she finally realized that they taste bad or what, but she only wants what we eat.

On the annoying side, I'm trying to grow her bangs out so they're the same length as the rest of her hair and she does not like keeping barrettes in her hair, so they're ALWAYS in her eyes and it drives me nuts! She also like to come ito the kitchen while I'm cooking and open all the drawers and just leave...so I'm banging my hips against the corners (and quietly cursing) while I cook.

We're also getting ready to venture into potty training. My only problem is that Ella still doesn't know 'yes'. She can say it when I tell her to say it, but she still just say 'no' to everything. I hear that's not good when it comes to potty training because she won't tell me that she has to go or what not. So, I guess we'll be starting slowly. :)

The next month, Lord willing, will be a little more normal and a little more fun. Ella will be starting gymnastics at our YMCA and hopefully Stephen and I will be able to play racquetball a little more since they offer free child-care!! The weather is nice and I'm hoping to be outside a lot more and be more active. That's my New Year's Resolution(s). I'm hoping since I have a kid now that those will be easier to stick to since Ella always wants to be active!
Wishing y'all a great 2007!