Thursday, April 14, 2011

Annie's 6 month stats

My baby is six months old today!  Where is the time going?  These past couple months have been such a blur to me and I feel like I'm missing out on what most likely is my last baby.  It seems to be going by so much faster than it did with Ella.  When Ella was a baby we had so much one-on-one time together and Stephen wasn't as busy then so we also had a lot of family time together. This time around, Stephen is super-busy and I clearly have more things that need my attention.  All that aside, I love having a baby in the house.  My favorite time of the day is when Annie wakes up in the morning and is babbling to herself and when I walk in she gives me the biggest smile she possibly can showing me those two cute little teeth she has.

Anyway, onto her stats.  Today she weighed 17 lb, 6 oz (72nd percentile) and her length was 28" (98th percentile)!!  She is pretty much on par with Ella's stats except for the fact that she is an inch taller than Ella was at 6 months.  I can't get over how big she is.  She is already wearing 9 mo. sleepers because if not she pops her snaps when she moves around!  And speaking of moving around, that's all this girl does.  She is not crawling, thank goodness, but she rolls and scoots to get wherever she wants to be.  She loves being on our wood floor more than the carpet.  And if she is sick of being on her play mat she'll scoot and roll over to her exersaucer to let me know that's where she wants to be now.  

She is still making her "chewbaca" sound effects and blowing raspberries, but not much "mama"or "dada" yet.  We'll see what the next couple weeks will hold.  She hasn't really been herself lately as she has been dealing with a little cold and I think she might be teething again.  Her eating habits have even been a little haywire.  She was so into her solids last month and then in the past two weeks she has not wanted anything to do with them!  

I'm looking forward to the weather finally warming up (consistently) so we can be outside more and enjoy nature.  When we were in FL taking care of my G'ma, I was able to take Annie on walks every day and it was so amazing to see her expressions and interests in the outdoors and seeing GREEN trees and grass and colorful flowers.  I hope we get to do that up here sooner rather than later.  Annie likes being outside when she gets the chance and she loves watching her big sister ride her scooter or bike and play out back on her play structure.  Before I know it, Annie will be doing those things, too!

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Tabitha said...

Yes, I cannot wait for warm weather!! When we were in FL we did the same thing...lots of walks! Annie is getting so big! Can't wait until she and Lauren can have sleepovers and tea parties!