Monday, March 19, 2007

Ella's 21 Month Update

It's March already! I can't believe it. Two and a half more months and we'll be leaving FL for at least 6 years...tims is really flying by and I'm realizing it more and more as Ella is changing and growing up so quickly. This past month has been unreal for me in the motherhood department mainly because I've been amazed at Ella's progress. I know I've said about the same thing every month for the past couple months, but Ella truly learns a ton of news things every DAY...forget every week! She literally copies everything we say and do (which keeps us in check) and we can't go out in public without her starting a coversation or someone coming up to her to talk to her.

The most amazing progress to me is her vocabulary. I was happy with her progress a month ago, but now I'm just flat out in awe. She is talking and singing constantly. She tells us what she wants/needs and can tell us more how she's feeling and it makes things so much easier and less stressful. One of my favorite things that she's says now is 'sorry'. We've been trying really hard to get her to grasp the meaning of 'sorry' and why we say it. Sometimes she gets rough with the dogs and we tel lher to say 'sorry'...well, I think she's about got the concept, because she has started to say 'sorry' to me and Stephen when she does things that she thinks 'hurts' us. It's really cute. Another cute thing is when we do hurt ourselves (i.e., stub our toes pr bump into things) and we say 'ouch' or however we show our pain, she'll make sure we're OK and she won't be satisfied until we tell her that we're OK.

Another big accomplishment is that Ella finally went to the bathroom in her potty. It wasn't anything specific that I did, she was just sitting on her potty after she had asked to go potty and she was reading a book while I was in the kitchen and she came running in saying, "uh oh". I followed her in the bathroom wondering what she had gotten into when she led me to her toilet and pointed in it and said, "uh oh" again. I smiled and said, "Yeah! That's what you're supposed to do! I praised her for what seemed like forever because I wanted her to know that she had done a good thing. She seemed a little confused, but she's always up for praise.

Ella has also been enjoying her new slide that her Papa bought her when he was down last weekend. So, now she has her own sandbox and slide in her backyard. She loves and we go out every afternoon after her nap and play for about an hour. I love the slide, too, because I don't have to help her up it or down it. The steps are sturdy and wide enough for her to climb up and the slide reaches all the way to the ground, so she lands on her feet...or her butt...whichever she prefers at the moment. :)

This time next month our house will officially be on the market and we'll slowly but surly be preparing to move again. Where you ask? Well, we'll find that out this Thurs. around noon. You know I'll post another blog to update you...I will say that we'll most likely match in Philly or Michigan (keep your fingers crossed for Michigan). Until then, hope all is well and I would love to hear from you!

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