Monday, November 15, 2010

Annie's 1 month stats

The stats are in!!  Annie had her 1 month check-up this morning and was as calm as could be throughout the whole exam.  Surprisingly, she got a shot this morning that I was not prepared for, her second Hep B, but that makes her 2 month check-up a lot better.  She'll only get two vaccines during that visit.  As for this one, she cried very briefly and was quick to soothe.

Anyway, after all those weight complications in the first couple weeks of her life, she weighed in today at 9 lb, 8 oz (57th percentile).  She's also grown quite a bit and measured at 22.5 inches (91st percentile).  Much like Ella was early on, she is quite long, but after the first year or so, I'm sure she will drastically slow down in the growth department.  Ella has been in the 20-25th percentile for at least the past two years!

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