Monday, November 22, 2010

Did I miss Thanksgiving?!?!

I'm sorry, but I have to vent.  I'm not ready for Christmas yet people!  Why do we jump from ghouls and goblins to Santa and reindeer?!?!  I know Christmas is everyone's favorite holiday and I'm excited to decorate and start singing Christmas carols, but I also don't like to cheapen it or give my child(ren) an excuse to already start asking when she gets to open presents, etc.  

Thanksgiving didn't use to be a big deal to me when I was younger, but as I've gotten older I really do look forward to it, not just for the delicious food, but because it really is a great time to think about all we have to be thankful for and to spend it with family and/or friends.  Stephen and I have not been able to spend very many Thanksgivings with our families in FL these past several years, so we've either had a really small dinner with just the three of us (which will now be 4) or we've had great feasts with friends which have ended up being super-special and a lot of crazy fun!  This holiday has great traditions as well, so why are we skipping over Thanksgiving?!?!

Now, I don't want to tick people off who have family traditions and put their decorations up by Thanksgiving.  To be honest, I don't care what you do in your own house, but please, if you must put the Christmas lights up outside right after Halloween, please don't turn them on until Thanksgiving night!  Trust me, I'm waiting with bated breath to decorate and turn on the musak if not the evening of Thanksgiving, then first thing the next morning (on my way to do some Black Friday shopping - which is when the Christmas season officially begins)!

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Holly W said...

Hi...thanks for stopping by to say hi, I really appreciate it!
I totally put my stuff right before Thanksgiving, but I know it's pretty obnoxious...even my hubs was annoyed with me...
But that being said we put a lot of stock into Thanksgiving and teaching the kids to be thankful for all we have...blah blah blah..haha