Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year...I think!

Oh my...I have 15 more days in my 20's.  Is this really a happy new year?  I don't know why, but I'm really dreading turning 30.  I may just be building it up in my head since many of my friends who have already turned 30 didn't seem to care or have a hard time with it.  I'm sure once the day gets here I won't feel any different and nothing bad will happen, but I still don't like it!  I have a couple 'crazy' ideas to end my 20's with, but I won't speak of them unless I really go through with it.  (There will be a posting if so.)

Instead of looking ahead right now, I'll wrap up 2010 in this post (pretty bow not included).  After much complaining of people bringing Christmas to the forefront a little too early for me this past year and then all of a sudden it being here, I finally got into the Christmas spirit once we arrived (safely, thank God - I hate flying) in FL.  But, before I knew it, it was over.  And it was also 70 on Christmas day; that's just not right.  We're now back in MI where I'm still in the Christmas spirit, but everyone is now rushing in Valentine's Day!  

Overall, our family had a great Christmas!  We enjoyed the sunshine and palm trees in FL and a little reprieve from the MI winter, although FL was unseasonably cold for a few days while we were down there.  Ella had a great time with her great-grandma, cousins, paw-paw, and aunts and uncles.  I really enjoyed time with my grandma and being in G'ville.  And it was REALLY nice to be with my husband for 10 days straight without any work distractions, etc.!  The trip went by fast nonetheless.  And although we love our family, we are ready and so overdue for a REAL vacation that doesn't involve us trying to see tons of people in a short amount of time.  Hopefully we will see that come to fruition in 2011.

I will post pictures of our Christmas trip soon and will post much more of what my 30th year will entail.  But before that, I will say that 2010 came with a lot of blessings...more than I can recount, but most of our blessings have to do with our daughters and what God has done in our lives through them and what he has done in their lives.  Ella started Kindergarten and is learning how to read and spell at warp speed and is becoming even more independent than I thought possible.  And of course, Annie was born and we were blessed with another sweet, calm baby who was sleeping through the night by 8 weeks and is also a VERY good traveler.  She was absolutely perfect on every flight we took to and from FL.  I am well-aware that even though there are things that are difficult in our lives and struggles that we have at times, things could be so much worse and God is truly with us and blessing us every day.  I look forward to seeing what He has in store for us in 2011 even though I'll be 30 while doing so.

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