Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hello God...

Hi Y'all!  I got this prayer mailed to me in a birthday card this past weekend and absolutely loved it!  It's exactly what I need at this point in my life and I plan on putting it up in numerous places around the house so I can always read it and pray it several times a day.  I know you will probably love it, too, so enjoy!

Hello God,
I called tonight
To talk a little while
I need a friend who will listen
To my anxiety and trial.
You see, I can't quite make it
Through a day just on my own.
I need your love to guide me,
So I'll never feel alone.
I want to ask you please to keep
My family safe and sound.
Come and fill their lives with confidence
For whatever fate they're bound.
Give me faith, dear God, to face
Each hour throughout the day
And not to worry over things
I cannot change in any way.
I thank you God for being home
And listening to my call,
For giving me such good advice
When I stumble and fall.
Your number, God, is the only one
That answers every time.
I never get a busy signal,
Never had to pay a dime.
So thank you, God, for listening
To my troubles and my sorrow.
Good night, God, I love you too,
And I will call again tomorrow!

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Tabitha said...

I agree! I love this prayer. Very cool!