Monday, February 13, 2006

Ella update

Originally posted on October 12, 2005.

Here are the results from Ella's 4 month check-up: she weighs 14 lbs. 13 oz. and is 25 1/4" long. Apparently her weight is in the 75th percentile and her length is in the 90th percentile. She also got her 2nd round of vaccines and thankfully instead of getting 4 different ones, she only had to get three because one of them was a combo vaccine. While I left the room while Ella got her shots, I came back in as soon as they were through and even though she was crying, her daddy picked her up and she stopped immediately. She was a trooper and again, faired well afterwards. We stopped to get a bit to eat while we were in Cambridge and she slept the whole time we were at the restaurant. We got home and I have her some infants Tylenol just in case. But, she had no fever at that point and I'm sure she wouldn't have had one even if I didn't give her the Tylenol. Anyway, the doctor said that Ella looked great and that she was very alert and responsive for her age. Of course that made mommy and daddy feel good. Ella is also ready to start rice cereal, her first introduction to solid food. So, tomorrow we'll be going out to get some baby spoons and we'll start a few servings in the mornings to see how her tummy handles it and in the next month or so, we can start her on veggies! Yum, yum! It's kind of exciting to think that she'll be sitting with us at the dinner table soon and eating somewhat normal foods. I'm looking forward to the first rice cereal feeding, though. I'm sure I'll blag about it because it'll be an experience! 'Til then...

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