Sunday, February 12, 2006

Hello from's freezing up here!

This is my first time blogging on Blogspot. I usually blog on Yahoo!360, but I've decided to branch out and try and let more of my friends and family read my postings. So, I will take the time to copy my previous blogs from back in August '05 over to Blogspot in case anyone has the time to read about what we've been doing since we've moved to Beantown.

I will continue to write about my parenting 'skills' and all of my wonderful and not-so-wonderful experiences of being a mother. And I'll also fill you in on the wild and unrelenting journey of being married to a soon-to-be medical doctor. For those of you who may not know, taking a year off to get a Masters degree in the middle of medical school isn't 'normal'. Yes, other people do it, but it's not the, of course, my husband would do it!

I welcome any feedback...good or bad. But, if you dish it out please be willing to take it! :)

More to come...

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Stephen said...

I wanted to be you first comment. Love you ... keep up the good bloggin'