Monday, February 13, 2006


Originally posted August 25, 2005.

Today, my husband and I decided to get out of the busy city and drive up the coast. We ended up in Gloucester and Rockport, MA. If you didn't recognize the first city's name, it is known from the book and movie "The Perfect Storm". It was really interesting to see the town and the harbor that the movie was filmed in and to know that that was the real place where these events took place back in 1991. But, what impressed me most was how beautiful it was. I'm from South Florida where I'm used to beautiful ocean water and palm trees and nice white sand. But, this was just as beautiful, but in a different way. The water was dark, but not in a dirty looking way. It was a pretty midnight blue color and instead of white sand there were pretty rocks on the shore and it was so breath-taking seeing the ocean water beat up against them. The houses are also amazing. I still haven't gotten used to the way Boston houses are set up. Here there are old colonial homes that have a lot of character and are really cool, but each floor is divided up into a condo-style apartment and multiple families live in one house. It was nice to see "normal" houses again in Goucester and Rockport. They were all beautiful colonial-style homes with colorful and well-kept landscaping with great views of the ocean. I could seriously live there for the rest of my life.
I think it would be great to visit there again and stay at a bed and breakfast and really get to know and enjoy the town and scenery. I will have to look into that because my husband and I could sure use a mini-vacation. All that said, we didn't eat at the Crow's Nest, which is the actual restaurant that was portrayed in the movie that was owned my the mother of one of the men who was lost at sea during the storm. I believe she died a few years ago, but the restaurant is still open. I'm sure they're used to tourists coming in and wanting some piece of the story. I'm definitely curious to go back and eat there. To finish this blog, I would highly recommend anyone visiting Gloucester - whether you live in MA or whether you visiting Boston, Cape Cod, or wherever. It's definitely a treat, but I would also recommend you going in the Summer or early Fall.

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